Brandworks Technologies sets a roadmap for true & credible partnerships in electronics manufacturing.

The world of electronics is booming and over the next few years improvements & breakthroughs will advance even more quickly as digital technology grows & evolves. The bigger consumer electronic companies and other manufacturing enterprises are faced with daunting task of providing more features, faster speed & energy efficient gadgets that continuously define & redefine the lifestyles of their consumers. At Brandworks we offer value-added engineering & manufacturing services, which helps these enterprises concentrate efforts on tech-specialism, marketing operations, and enables them to bring more on the table for the final consumers.

Brandworks, a single source solution for electronic players

Understanding that requirements in the electronics industry are specific and varied, so is the need for a solution provider with multitude of skills and expertise for varied field applications. For about 8 years of consistent growth and production excellence, Brandworks now derives relevance & thrives credibility as a partner who delivers finer experiences on every order fulfillment. These end to end contractual manufacturing of electronic assemblies & products are basis the technical documents given by clients. These include parts / component list, specifications and drawing sheets only. Rest all of component procurements, material handling, testing, assembly operations, global certifications, packaging and delivery is thoroughly executed by our workforce at 3 dedicated plants in Mumbai, India. Thus, minimizing risks allows a client for switching fixed cost to variable cost business modelling, substantiating us as an enabler who provides for –

  • Latest industry tool sets – mechanical solutions for SMT to system integration assemblies, alongside our commitment to continuous investments for advance testing machines.
  • Design led manufacturing – support through design for manufacturing (DFM) processes, is an essential capability for producing new, premium products and to churn out seasonal model improvements. Our 50 plus IDH partnerships are instrumental for running these design sprints and to make products commercially viable.
  • Extensive product testing – products are put to environmental and reliability tests for intended pressure performance, rough usage and demanding environments. These may include – In-circuit test, functional testing, safety testing, X-ray inspection, optical inspection etc.
  • Validation & Certifications – particular certifications for related market sectors, national & international both. We are certified for ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001:2005, ISO 13485: 2016
  • Product launch viability – product development process aligned to client’s objectives is integral to our pursuit of innovation and time relevance. We are able to create added value by prototyping, checking designs, qualifying products for aesthetics, usage & experience, and setting cost parameters to attain a marketable product.
  • Faster time to market – planning at BOM level & efficient manufacturing operations with 100% traceability help avoid errors that result timely shipments.
  • Flexible scalability – large format assembly lines are flexible to accommodate low & high volume of products. Adjusting SKU volumes for in-time merchandise planning provides agility for an electronic brand to reach larger customer base.
  • Obsolescence management and counterfeit prevention system – life cycle management comes a full circle at Brandworks factories servicing after sales service contracts. Repairs, replacement & refurbishment counters obsolescence and generates higher returns for a client. Reaching products’ attainable life goes a long way in building assurances and increasing trustworthiness in the markets. We also do adopt a proactive approach to fight counterfeiting by sourcing all our components from authentic suppliers.
  • Clear & transparent communication – proper channels and forums at the very onset of partnerships is crucial for dialogues to voice ideas, insights, facts and challenges. Putting high importance to open and active communication familiarizes us to clients’ business strategies, technology and compliances, which helps boost short – term and long-term goal settings.

Building these services and robust production frameworks create ideal environments that help cultivate credible and strong collaborations with market leaders in the industry. Brandworks technologies is committed to innovation and quality for our customers to compete and succeed in the dynamic world.