Super-Fast Safety Chargers – The Festive New from Brandworks Technologies: A Game-Changer in Charging Technology

In an era where staying connected and powered up is not optional, Brandworks Technologies continues to revolutionize the market with cutting-edge charger technology. As a renowned manufacturer of power banks, chargers, neckbands, TWS earbuds and smartwatches, Brandworks has consistently impressed consumers with its commitment to quality, innovation, and safety. The last launch of their charging range in September 2023 and an upcoming release in December 2023, Brandworks Technologies is poised to redefine the charging landscape once again.

Embracing the Power of GaN and PPS Technology

Brandworks Technologies has always been at the forefront of charging innovation. The company's last quarter release in September 2023 featured a range of powerful chargers, including 33W GaN, 65W GaN, and 100W GaN models. These chargers utilize Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, renowned for its high efficiency and compact design. This allows to charge a device faster, use less energy & is very compact in size, alongside also follows the PPS protocol. The next eagerly awaited launch in December 2023 will introduce a ground-breaking 140W GaN charger, promising even faster charging speeds and convenience for users. It allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices by cleverly distributing the power amongst them.

Keeping abreast, Brandworks has integrated the use of Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology into its devices. PPS ensures precise voltage and current control, optimizing charging efficiency and safeguarding your devices against overcharging and overheating. This technology allows users to charge their devices faster while preserving battery health.

Unleashing Excellence through Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality assurance measures are aimed at improving tech performance and generating high-quality experience for a user. Brandworks Technologies is committed to deliver chargers that excel in durability and performance. It ensures a product that is designed to scale with increasing user load without compromising its functionality. The company offers certified products and conducts a bundle of rigorous tests ensuring each charger meets the highest industry standards. These include:

Safety First - Placing a strong emphasis on safety, all chargers are BIS certified. This assures users of adherence to stringent quality standards. Each charger is designed with multiple layers of safety features, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and temperature control mechanisms.

High & Low - Temperature Testing: Chargers undergo extreme temperature conditions to ensure they perform reliably in any environment.

High Voltage Test: Chargers are subjected to high voltage tests to guarantee safety under various voltage conditions.

Ripple Test: Testing for minimal voltage fluctuations ensures stable and safe charging.

USB Port Life Test: The longevity of USB ports is assessed to ensure durability.

Plug-in, Plug-out Test: Chargers are repeatedly plugged in and out to assess their durability over time.

Salt Spray Test: The corrosion resistance of chargers is tested, ensuring longevity even in harsh conditions.

Vibration Test: Chargers are subjected to vibrations to simulate real-world use and durability.

Burn-in Life Test: This test validates the charger's long-term performance and reliability.

Surge Test: Chargers are tested to withstand voltage surges and protect your devices.

Ageing Test: Evaluating how chargers perform over an extended period, guaranteeing longevity.

These set of quality management activities (– quality assurance, quality control & testing) allow the company to deliver as per preferred goals of the client. Brandworks Technologies takes pride in offering its products worldwide, meeting the charging needs of consumers globally. A compact GaN charger for your smartphone or a high-powered solution for your laptop, Brandworks has got you covered. Commitment to innovation, quality, and safety sets it apart in the electronics manufacturing industry; a name to reckon with and an expression of celebratory feeling!