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Who we are? For Businesses who we partner, we are trusted solution provider, system integrators, research consultants, product developers, network builders, value chain curators and pace builders. Brandworks Technologies is 7 years young and dynamic, ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, established in September 2017.

Technologies is strategically located in western Mumbai, a major industrial and logistics hub of South-Asia. Tapping the locational advantages help our clients to boost their productivity at low cost while letting them focus on their core competencies. We are building our success story with shared values of success as of our clients, enabling scalable business models – in both conventional and futuristic consumption trends.

Drivers of Growth

Our Values – 3Cs

bwtech innovation


Change catalyst

bwtech customer centercity


unique solution, diverse needs

bwtech powerful collaborative experience


sourcing, design & tech networks

Our Vision

A lively pursuit of tech-innovation through dedicated creativity, perseverance and experience becoming a valued partner in the global space. With every curated tech enablement, we intend to grow more human.

Our Mission

To be the ‘supplier of choice’ for technology in electronics and drive innovative growth as a valued contributor to ‘make in India’ initiative. Aiming tо provide the hіghеѕt levels of product ԛuаlіtу, service and qualified wоrkmаnѕhір.

Our Leadership

Nikita Kumawat

Managing Director
& Co - Founder

Ishwar Kumhar

Chief Executive Officer
& Co - Founder

Manesh Jecco

Plant Head

Amit Banka

Head - Product & Strategy