A customer – centric approach that makes Brandworks a preferred partner for B to C brands in mobile accessories & wearable tech

The advent of technologies in today’s world is pacing up and altering everyday lifestyles, that has put consumer - consumption pattern as a dynamic input feed, of utmost importance in the value chain. Most electronic brands in the market are continuously seeking to accelerate technology adoption into products and services in their bid to elevate the resulting brand experience of their audience. We at Brandworks Technologies are riding the tech-wave in electronics manufacturing in India to offer a highly scalable, adaptive yet a mature platform for market ready solutions.

The burgeoning Indian electronics manufacturing sector is expected to grow to USD 124.94 billion by 2030, with an impressive CAGR of 6.8% from 2023 to 2030. The opportunities need be harnessed quick with adjustments in technology & manufacturing functionalities woven around sensitivities of the real time market evaluations & feedback.

Customer Driven Manufacturing

At Brandworks Technologies, we pride ourselves in engaging our clients throughout the production process from design to delivery. This approach to customer – centric business modelling requires us to tweak manufacturing operations basis the insights generated through client interactions peculiar to each product and its associated market lifecycles. Brandworks’ strategy is build upon its client’s marketing strategy derived from consumer demand & sales analytics. Our range of products includes wearables, hearables & other mobile accessories like power banks, chargers, TWS earbuds, neckbands, speakers and smartwatches. With focus on producing top-quality products, we stand out for delivering solutions that are packaged to offer varied functionalities, aesthetic choices and optimal pricing specific to a client’s requirement.

A range of customization capabilities are made possible via engaging interventions like -

Software Customization: This is to ensure that tech-products meet unique digital needs, whether it's custom features, user interfaces or compatibility with specific applications, we've got it covered.

Hardware Customization: The hardware customization options allow to fine-tune the performances and capabilities of devices to suit market readiness & latest trends that our client wants to capture.

Unique Product Mould Design:We understand that aesthetics matter. Our product mould design service enables a client to curate look and feel of mobile accessories and wearable tech according to its brand’s identity.

The above mentioned technical, mechanical and software design customization is offered via Our intense collaborations with 40 plus Independent Design Houses (IDH). This allows us to bring innovative ideas to reality that helps a client be positioned as a trend setter.

Packaging Design: This intervention allows a brand to hold its brand identity in place by immaculate designs & prints as per location/ market specific, product-wise brand guidelines. The boxes are made market ready to resonate the brand with its customers.

The aim is to ensure that a production order at Brandworks is serviced not only to meet necessary requirements but goes beyond today into future expectations. Hence, we inlay a system of feedbacks and discussions for both short & long-term ideas, and specifications driven by innovation and design led manufacturing.

Future Customization Trends

Our exemplary growth in the mobile accessories & wearables segment manufacturing for past 7 years, has positioned us as one of the leading ODM/ OEM & EMS of India. To keep up the trajectory, setting new benchmarks for customer-centric processes and technological upgrade is indispensable. With our unwavering commitment to positively impact the society, we are closely observing and starting to adopt industry best practices for the latest in consumer driven manufacturing. These include – digitally powered factories (for digital transformation & lean production), PaaS (providing utility than only physical product), cross-industry networks for hi-value addition and C2M (leveraging the power of consumer driven demand shaping). Tools & applications for cloud migration, machine automation, AI driven customer intelligence, application upgradation, all have a role to play to secure long-term competitive advantage for Brandworks Technologies. Today’s world calls for manufacturers to integrate customer centricity at all levels of a value chain and we are on it!