Brandworks Technologies: Revolutionizing The Consumer Electronics, Iot & Wearables Market

As per a comprehensive analysis of mobile phones, the smartphone market size is estimated at 1.51 billion units in 2024 and is further expected to reach 1.85 billion units by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 4.10 percent. This stats is expected to create demands for the mobile accessories market too, encompassing a wide array of products designed to complement, protect, and enhance the functionality of mobiles. Here, Nikita Kumawat’s brainchild Brandworks Technologies conveniently places its stance as an upcoming design-focused, technology-driven electrical engineering company offering cost-optimized smart solutions, spanning the spectrum of production from OEM to ODM.

Founded in 2017, Brandworks began as a power bank assembly line, and ever since has grown into an industry leader in electronics manufacturing in India. The company’s expertise as OEM & ODM partners spread over a wide array of categories in consumer electronics like sound bars and bluetooth speakers; wearable tech like smartwatches & ear pods; mobile accessories like power banks, chargers, data cables, and IoT-enabled applications across industries.

“Brandworks’ unwavering commitment to innovation, exceptional services, and high-quality products sets it apart, establishing trust and reliability among its customers including the top 40 electronics brands in India.

Today, it operates a state-of-the-art world-class manufacturing unit, spread over 210,000 sq. ft. in western Mumbai, India”, says Nikita Kumawat, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Brandworks Technologies.

Brandworks has made a significant contribution to 'Make in India' by promoting India as a global manufacturing hub. Its hi-tech manufacturing facility has 35 production lines, with 2 SMT lines prioritizing precision, efficiency, and automated processes. The facility delivers half a million units every month and employs over 1000 workers. The brand's commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its workforce composition, with 70 percent of females holding substantial supervisory and managerial roles in manufacturing.

The Exclusive Design & Development Platform

Further contributing to industry growth, there is special emphasis on supply chain localization on one side and compliance with global standards on the other fostering a robust ecosystem for electronic manufacturing. The company enables its customers and supply chain partners to make hi-grade, hi-tech electronics accessible to the world, keeping sustainability at the core of its every step. It provides comprehensive manufacturing solutions, from every aspect of design and manufacturing to rigorous testing and on-time delivery. It boasts 50+ IDH partnerships in multiple product categories, these partnerships with local and international design, tooling, and moulding houses help them create customized and cost-optimized solutions at the BOM level.

Its manufacturing strength lies in the highly qualified and experienced team that works under the SAP & MES environment for managing integrated barcoded processes and product traceability. Brandworks’ in-house team of 30+ engineers works on LAURA1 and IoT-based products in consumer electronics and surveillance devices using AI applications. It has strengthened the supply chain by onboarding registered component suppliers and deploying a systemic proprietary tool, which helps to reduce time by 30 percent in sourcing.

Future Roadmap

“Brandworks’ vision is to entrench a lively pursuit of tech–innovation through dedicated creativity, perseverance, and experience to become a valued partner in the global space. With every tech-enabled curation, we intend to grow more human”, asserts Nikita.

Brandworks’ effectively aims to stay ahead of emerging technologies in India by investing in research and development. Collaborating with industry players across the spectrum of the supply chain, including IC providers, has enabled itself to become a value-added solution provider and differentiator launching new products faster and more efficiently. Formidably, it is presently experiencing a rapid growth trajectory of a 75 percent annual increase in its revenue. This upward trend is further set to surge with the company’s adoption and adaptation of the latest tech trends helping it to garner a design and development specialist position in the electronic manufacturing space.